The Beloved Archives - Meher Baba Archival Foundation

The Beloved Archives - Meher Baba Archival Foundation
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"Why Do We Suffer?"

A Two-Day Intensive

with Dr. Ward Parks

Hamilton, New Jersey

July 11-12, 2015


Suffering is one of the primordial realities of human life. Not only in the form of such major catastrophes as wars and famines and pestilences, but in the ordinary dissatisfactions and heartbreaks that afflict us all, the spectacle of suffering apparently undermines the value of our humanity and seems to present before us a bleak vision of diminished possibilities suffused with hopelessness and despair.
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The God-Seeker

Lessons in Discipleship

The Diaries of Minoo Kharas



Minocher Kharas, known as Minoo, one of Avatar Meher Baba’s close disciples, declared at the end of his diaries that his life with the Master and his struggles against his own weaknesses are an “open book.” The diaries tell the compelling story of Minoo’s colorful life and his lessons in discipleship with Meher Baba. They illustrate Meher Baba’s consummate, unparalleled ways of shaping his disciples: his patient and loving guidance through the labyrinth of worldly snares and allures, his aid in the battle against the inclinations of the lower nature – anger, greed, lust, jealousy, envy, hatred, pride, arrogance, cruelty, and selfishness – and the transformation of consciousness he gradually brings about so that the sincere disciple may receive what the Master has come to give.

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A New Book on Meher Baba's Manifestation

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Beloved Archives opens the Meher Baba
Archive to the public

With a celebration of love, music and companionship



The House of the Beloved in Hamilton, New Jersey, opened its doors to the public. It is the first public outreach in the West for seekers to learn about the life, work and teachings of Meher Baba.
SEPTEMBER 24, 2011, Hamilton, New Jersey: It was a day of miracles. The climatologists had predicted thunderstorms, heavy rains and flooding. In preparation, organizers had set up a large indoor hall elegantly dotted with photographs and paintings of Avatar Meher Baba.


It was the launch of the first Meher Baba archive in the West, open to the public - to people of all castes, creeds and religions. And 200 seekers came in by cars, buses and airplanes to celebrate the Event.


And then the Beloved One turned the key. Streaks of sunlight parted the dark clouds and the 2-day celebration was soaked in sunlight and completely rain-free.


Beloved Archives Launches Meher Baba Web Portal on Silence Day Print E-mail

'Mastery in Servitude' plaque unveiled

The House of the Beloved in Hamilton, New Jersey, USA

 JULY 10, 2011, Hamilton, New Jersey: On July 10, 2011 Beloved Archives, the Meher Baba Archival Foundation launched the Meher Baba Web portal (, with a strong focus on the life, work and teachings of Avatar Meher Baba. Created by web maven Jon Truelson, the portal opens with a rotating series of photographs of Meher Baba superimposed by pithy messages. 

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Glow InternationalGlow International is published each quarter from contributions made to Beloved Archives, Inc. Your contribution of $30 (for 4 issues) and $50 (for 8 issues) will help us to continue publishing the journal each quarter.

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Planned Giving/Endowment


Planned giving and endowment gifts are essential to the long-term prospects of preserving all the archival material in Beloved Archives and spreading Meher Baba's message of love, truth and spiritual unity throughout the world. Donors who choose to make these gifts to help both the preservation and publishing initiatives are designated members of the Legacy Circle. Through their generosity, they truly provide a legacy for the rest of the world by ensuring that the Avatar's teachings will be available to future generations.

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